planting trees

we plant a tree with every patch sold.

our patches and keyrings are made from 100% organic cotton and tree-derived rayon thread. rayon thread (made from wood fibre) is a stronger and longer lasting thread, but still made from a renewable source. despite this, trees are still being forested in order to produce our thread. we also use air freight when shipping overseas & to the corners of new zealand.
in air freight 1kg of aeroplane fuel equals 3grams of COemitted into our atmosphere. a plane uses 4 litres of fuel per second, and during an average flight of 10 hours, 150,000 litres are used. this emits 474kg of  COinto our  atmosphere.

we combat this by planting trees in regions where our materials originate. 
 to achieve this ambitious offset, we've partnered with onetreeplanted, planting a tree with every patch sold!