tsuika patches is an ethical iron-on patch outfit, planting a tree with every patch sold.


tsuika patches (soy-ka) was created in mid 2017 from a passion for ethical living, a need for a creative outlet, and as a solution to our corrupted fashion industry. 

tsuika is japanese for 'to add to' (written as 追加). we believe in upgrading clothes, not having to buy more. a single patch can make that change & re-earth our increasingly over-filled wardrobes.

it was designed, constructed and is fuelled by one boy, his desire to create and occasionally a coffee. 

located and run in auckland, new zealand, the patches are proudly made from organic cotton and tree-derived thread, as well as planting a tree. production involves products made from only biodegradable materials or recycled cotton. even the mailers are made from 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste!

i'm always interested in doing stories, interviews or profiles! you can contact me below.

Doug Coker Grant
Creator, Designer, Director
tsuika.patches@gmail.com, +64211348202
Nineteen year old boy with a passion for patches, theatre and ethical living. Thrives on creative thinking, coffee and the odd oolong tea.
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